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Around the house .. of late

Be you ... you are unique and beautiful in all you do and who you are!!
I found this sign to be a great reminder, go easy on yourself, life is too short.

My little bathroom remodel. The counter is my old oak dining table, cut down and repurposed. I used a white chalk paint. Very happy with the result.

This was the mess I started with. I had to remove the old tile top and drop sink. It was a little intimidating, but once I got started, it went really smooth.

The sink was a great find at Menards, at a wonderful low price of $34, I believe. Of course it was little more for the faucet, overall, a very affordable update.

My little kitchen, with only about 8 feet of counter space, there are not a lot of options, without doing a major renovation. So I picked the things most important to me and did a small update. New quartz countertop, sink. New stainless steel appliances and range hood.

My biggest decision, which I am so happy with, was to go from an electric to a gas range. I decided to g…

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